AP Study Program of Unisa Yogyakarta Raises Gender Issues in Expert Lecture

The Public Administration Study Program (AP), Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities (FEISHum) of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, conducted an expert lecture on Gender in a Social Perspective. The event was held through the zoom platform on Wednesday (Jan/12).

Dewi Julianti, SH., from Rifka Annisa’s Internal and Public Relation, was invited as a keynoter in this event. She explained the differences between women and men. According to her, women could be strong, and men could also be gentle.

“Gender is a perceptible difference between men and women when viewed from values ​​and behavior. By way of example, men are identical to masculine while women are identical to feminine,” said Uli.

Uli talked a lot about gender inequality with all its problems. She gave illustrations that loads of publicities made women objects, like promotions for shampoo, soap, and perfume. Besides, sexual violence was rampant today was also a topic of discussion in expert lectures.

“There are many things that underlie the occurrence of violence, one of them is gender-based violence because of the inequality of roles in social construction,” said Uli.

During the pandemic, Uli said that there was abundant online gender-based violence, namely, actions facilitated by digital technology. Digital technology-facilitated actions that attacked or impacted a person because of their gender or sexuality, such as revenge porn. It is a mode of revenge in a dating relationship by threatening to share their private photos or videos. 

This expert lecture was attended by 75 participants from AP students with great enthusiasm, followed by a discussion between participants and the speaker. 


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