The Regency Association (Askab) of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Sleman held a Congress in the Bappeda Sleman Regency Hall (Jun/6). The PSSI congress agenda discussed the soccer development in Sleman and chosen Candidates for the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Executive Committee of Askab PSSI Sleman. As one of the member clubs of Askab Sleman, Jago UNISA also attended the congress.

“Jago UNISA club is one of the Division 1 competition club members of Askab PSSI Sleman. This membership status makes the Jago UNISA as one of the voters in the Askab PSSI Sleman Congress,” said Dono Anggoro, the coach of Jago UNISA Club.

There were 87 clubs under the auspices of Askab PSSI Sleman who attended the Congress. The results of the congress decided the candidate 2nd pair, Wahyudi Kurniawan and Handoko as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Askab PSSI Sleman. The Head of Asprov PSSI Special Region of Yogyakarta, Syauqi Soeratno congratulated the elected chairman and its vice. “We hope that the new management of Askab PSSI Sleman and Asprov PSSI DIY can have good communication with PSS Sleman. Hopefully, in the future, it will be more Sleman children can find a place to develop themselves towards professional football,” added Syauqi.

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