There were more than 40 photographic works of students from the Communication study program of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta that were exhibited virtually through the Arsteps platform (May/31). The virtual exhibition was held for three consecutive days. The arts on display were the output of digital photography class mid-semester exam assignments for the 2019 class.

“We hold this event to provide an experience for students to showcase their work. Although limited with tools and circumstances due to the pandemic conditions. Students are still vigor to success this event,” said Erwin Rasyid, a lecturer for the Digital Photography course.

Erwin Rasyid added that the implementation of this event was also proof that students were still on fire to work and run an online practical course.

“We are happy to finally be able to hold this prime exhibition. This exhibition is also the beginning of the exhibition of other works from our generation,” conveyed Haryant Putra, a student of the communication study program also the head of the exhibition. The 40 photographic works exhibited by students of the 2019 class Communication Study Program had undergone a curation process before. On the last day of the exhibition, expert courses and awards were also held for the three best photos based on the voting results.

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