Establishing a Friendship and Strengthening the Cooperation, UNISA Yogya Receives a Visit from University of Baiturrahmah Padang

The University of Baiturrahmah Padang conducted a Comparative Study to the Faculty of Health Sciences (Fikes) of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah  Yogyakarta to maintain their friendship also discussed the lecture program on Wednesday (Jan/13).

The visit was welcomed directly by the Dean of Fikes Unisa Yogyakarta, M. Ali Imron, M. Fis, and their respective Heads of the Health Sciences Study Program, Unisa Yogyakarta. This meeting was held on the 2nd floor of the Siti Moendjijah building, Unisa Yogyakarta.

M. Ali Imron, M. Fis thanked the University of Baiturrahman Padang for their presence. About 30 years ago, Unisa Yogyakarta had handled Health education. Fikes Unisa Yogyakarta currently has 4800 students for 11 study programs. Unisa Yogyakarta is pioneering a master’s program in physiotherapy and a master’s degree in nursing. And the hope is that in 2025 Unisa Yogyakarta will own a Midwifery Doctoral Program.

“Unisa Yogyakarta has an interesting experience in the field of education and achievement. It has the attraction to make it one of the universities of choice to visit. There is so much we want to learn from Unisa Yogyakarta in the field of the applicable education system,” closed Drs. Darman, M.Si.Akt., as Vice-Chancellor 2nd of the university of Baiturrahmah Padang.

This comparative study was attended by the parties exuberantly thoroughly during the meeting.


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