The Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation with the Tourism Office of Sleman Regency (Jun/03). The activity was carried out as a follow-up to the Independent Learning Independent Campus Program (MBKM).

MBKM was a program launched by the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarine, to prepare students to become strong scholars, relevant to today’s needs, and be ready to become leaders with a high national spirit. Through this program, there were wide opportunities for students to enrich and upgrade their knowledge and competence.

“This collaborative activity is one of the implementations of the Independent-Campus Learning-Independent Curriculum in supporting the Ministry of Education and Culture’s program as a follow-up to the MBKM grant for 4 (four) study programs in the FEISHum area,” said Mega Ardina, the Dean of FEISHum UNISA Yogyakarta. Suci Iriana Sinuraya, the Head of the Tourism Office of Sleman Regency, conveyed that it was hoped that through this collaboration, it could be beneficial for both FEISHum UNISA Yogyakarta and Dinpar Sleman.

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