Readable Code in Public Lecture by Information and Technology Unisa

Information and Technology Study Program, Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta held a meeting at studying information and technology (KODE #4) entitled How to Write Readable Code. KODE #4 was carried out virtually through the zoom platform on Saturday (Jan/08).

Readable code was the origin of a code. It became part of the Good Code requirements. “The Good Code requirements are divided into two. Make sure they have to be correct and easy to read,” explained Sidiq Aldi Ginanjar, S.Kom when delivering his subject. Aldi conveyed if the code is not clear enough, it would be hard to maintain. Then the product would get stuck afterward. A good product is a product that keeps pace with the times.

The public lecture was attended by 50 participants with great enthusiasm thoroughly the meeting. 


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