SISI 63: Biotechnology Study Program Successfully Wins International Achievements in The Second Time

Sisi: 63 is a podcast program broadcasted by the Bureau of Public Relations and Protocol of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. At this time, Sisi 63 discussed one of the competition teams from the Biotechnology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, who thrived in earning achievements in the international arena.

Biotechnology itself learns about many things, not only food innovation but also vaccine manufacturing, drug manufacturing, and waste management. The Biotechnology Student Team participated in a competition held by ACS Malaysia. Further, ACS Malaysia aimed to promote innovations among students.

The Southeast Asia Global Innovation Challenge in 2020, regarding climate change, entitled Seaweed Farming System to overcome climate change, got 4th place.

“Hopefully, the ideas used in the Southeast Asia Global Innovation Challenge 2020 competition can be submitted in other competitions and won again,” said Panji Agung Nugroho.

They faced various difficulties at that time. To give an instance competition time that coincides with the midterm exam. Also, the difficulty in dividing time between assignments and competition. It became one of the problems experienced by the team, but they did not give up. Then, the Biotechnology Team again participated in the Southeast Asia Global Innovation Challenge 2021 competition and won 1st place.  In the final discussion, Panji Agung Nugroho shared tips and tricks that, “We have to start compiling priorities, which ones are education priorities, which ones are personal life, or finances, etcetera. We can make a list of priorities. The most important thing is we have a priority list and know where we are going. Then start managing time.”

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