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International Journals Lecturer’s Scientific Papers: international journals (10)



No Title of Article Lecturer’s Names (Writers) Journal’s Name, Volume, uRL Address
Number, Published Year and Month
1 Female Sek Worker’s Attitutes Dhesi Ari Astuti, Belitung Nursing Journal,
Toward HIV Testing: A study Moh. Hakimi, Volume (2), No (6), index.php/bnj/article/view/2
Among Indirect Sex Workers in Andari Wuri Astuti, November-Desember 2016 9
Bantul Yogyakarta Dyah Anantalia Widyastari,
Doni Marisi Sinaga
2 Association of-308G/A TNF-α Mohd Andalas, Egyptian Journal of Medical
gene polymorphism and Mohamad Hakimi, Human Genetics, Volume m/science/article/pii/S11108
spontaneous preterm birth in Detty Siti Nurdiati, 17, Issue 1, Januari 2016 63015000488
Acehnese ethnic group, Indwiani Astuti,
Indonesia:This polymorphism is Imran Imran, Harapan Harapan
not associated with preterm birth
3 Relationship of Social Support Evi Wahyuntari, IJSBAR (International
with Postpartum Depression in Mohammad Hakimi, Journal and Applied hp?journal=JournalOfBasicA
Research ndApplied&page=article&op
Sadewa Hospital Yogyakarta Ismarwati =view&path%5B%5D=7744
4 The Effect of Gender and Social Masoud Vaezghasemi, The Dual Burden of
Capital on the Dual Burden of Ann Ohman, Malnutrition in Indonesia, one/article?id=10.1371/jour
Malin Erikkson, Volume (9), Issue 8, nal.pone.0103849



Malnutrition: A Multilevel Study Mohamad Hakimi, Agustus 2014 (PLOS ONE)
in Indonesia Lars Weinehall,
Hari Kusnanto,
Nawi Ng
5 Association of Government Mufdlilah, Belitung Nursing Journal ,
Policy and Mother’s Perception Ahmad Arman Subijanto, Volume (2), No. (6), index.php/bnj/article/view/3
to Exclusive Breastfeeding Muhammad Akhyar, Desember 2016 5
Practice Endang Sutisna
6 “Woman Centered Care Mohammad Hakimi Biomed Central Nursing https://bmcnurs.biomedcentr
Philosophy” in Midwifery care 2015
through Continuity of Care 912-015-0072-z
7 Advocacy, Support For Mufdlilah, Belitung Nursing Journal,
Resources, And The Role Of Achmad Arman Subijanto, Volume (2) No. (5), index.php/bnj/article/view/2
Community Leader Toward Muhammad Akhyar, Desember 2016, 2
Mother’s Attitude On Exclusive Endang Sutisna
Breastfeeding Program
8 “It’s A Natural Proses and We Farida Kartini, Belitung Nursing Journal,
should Accept it our Hikmah Volume (3), Issue (2), index.php/bnj/article/view/4
Destiny’:Indonesian Women March-April 2017 0
Perception to Menopause



9 Prediction of Carbon Emission Sukirman, Asian Journal of http://www.medwelljournals
Footpront in Bati Industry Chairul Saleh, Information Technology, .com/archivedetails.php?jid
Toward Green Manufacturing Nur Rachman Dzakiyullah, Volume (15), Issue 15, 2016 =1682-3915&issueno=132
Ghaida Fatcha Mubiena,
Citra Hajar Al Asqolani and
Jalu Adam Ismayanda
10 Literature review of mental Mamnu’ah GSTF Journal of Nursing
health recovery in Indonesia Intansari Nurjannah and Health Care (JNHC) php/jnhc/article/view/1584
Yayi Suryo Prabandari
Carla Raymondalexas Marchira


Information: Bolded lecturer’s names are lecturers of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta.