UNISA Yogyakarta Celebrates HW Scout Competition with 20 Muhammadiyah Schools in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, November 18, 2023 – Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta fulfilled the invitation of the Sleman Regency Hizbul Wathan (HW) Scouting Movement to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the DIY Pioneering Scouting Competition. The competition, which was held at the Muhammadiyah Boarding School (MBS) Yogyakarta field, was attended by 20 schools at the helper level or Muhammadiyah vocational and high schools throughout DIY.

UNISA Yogyakarta’s participation in the Yogyakarta Pioneering Scout Competition is a form of commitment to support the scouting movement which has a positive impact on the character building of the younger generation. This competition is an event to test the skills in tying pioneering knots and the scouting spirit of the penghela level students.

In this activity, DIKDASMEN PDM Sleman, Mr. Surahmat as the master of ceremonies for the opening of the DIY Pioneering Scout Competition gave a mandate to the participants.

“In the independent curriculum, it is not only to form us to be smart or just smart, we have made it easier with current technology, we can find answers with AI, just write what the question is, we can find the answer, don’t just receive information, the main purpose of the independent curriculum is none other than to form good character and manners. as a member of Hizbul Wathan must show good manners and character, through this activity it is one of the efforts in shaping the character and manners of the younger generation, “he said.

The DIY Pioneering Scout Competition is not only a competition, but also a means to strengthen the bond between schools throughout Yogyakarta and build a spirit of togetherness.

UNISA Yogyakarta is committed to continue supporting positive activities such as HW scouting as part of student character building and leadership. Hopefully the success of the DIY Pioneering Scout Competition will encourage the spirit of scouting and togetherness among the younger generation of Yogyakarta.

Author: Rio Aditya Pratama

Press Conference of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Announces Series of Activities for Muhammadiyah 111th Anniversary

The Muhammadiyah Central Leadership officially announced a series of activities that will be held in order to welcome Muhammadiyah’s 111th Anniversary in a press conference held at ‘Aisyiyah University (UNISA) Yogyakarta on Thursday, October 16, 2023. In the press conference, the General Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, Prof. Abdul Mu`ti, M.Ed, emphasized three important agendas that will be the highlight of this year’s celebration.

According to Abdul Mu`ti, the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership has planned a series of activities aimed at strengthening togetherness and voicing urgent global issues. The first agenda is the National Consolidation which will be held at UNISA Yogyakarta, an important momentum to strengthen the internal solidarity of the organization.

Meanwhile, the Global Forum for Climate Change to be held at Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) is one of the main focuses in voicing Muhammadiyah’s concern for environmental issues. Hening Purwati Parlan, S.Sos., M.M, a member of the Environmental Assembly of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, stated that this activity will be a stage for Muhammadiyah to convey its commitment to environmental conservation efforts.

The culmination of this series of celebrations is the Muhammadiyah 111th Anniversary reception, which will be a special moment attended by important figures from various backgrounds. Dr. H. Agung Danarto, M.Ag, as the chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, also attended the press conference to emphasize the importance of the anniversary celebration as a momentum of reflection as well as a manifestation of Muhammadiyah’s commitment in serving the people.

Not only attended by Muhammadiyah internals, the press conference was also attended by Widya Sadnovic from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The presence of this cross-sector shows collaboration and broad support for initiatives and programs that will be carried out by Muhammadiyah. With a varied agenda, from internal consolidation to global issues such as climate change, the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership shows its commitment in organizing the Muhammadiyah 111th Anniversary celebration which has the theme Ikhtiar Menyelamatkan Semesta as an important momentum in the journey of the organization and its contribution to society and the world.

UNISA Yogyakarta Library Holds Semnas and Library Management Workshop

Thursday, November 16, 2023 UNISA Yogyakarta Library in collaboration with HIMPUSMA Sleman, UMY Library, UAD Library, MPI PWM DIY, PDM Sleman Education Council, and FPPTMA Korwil DIY-South Java organized a National Seminar, Literacy Strengthening, Grants, and IT-based Library Management Workshop: “SLIMS Application for Library Automation”. This activity was held offline in the 9th Floor Seminar Room, Siti Moendjijah Building, UNISA Yogyakarta. The enthusiasm of the participants in this activity was extraordinary. It was proven that the number of participants who participated amounted to 120 people from the original target of only 55 people. Participants consisted of school principals, library heads, and librarians/library managers and teachers of Muhammadiyah schools in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

The national seminar, literacy strengthening, grants and workshops were held in cooperation with various stakeholders. This activity was opened directly by the Rector of UNISA Yogyakarta, Dr. Warsiti, S.Kep, M.Kep., Sp. Mat. She explained that this activity is a form of community service through UNISA Yogya Library, UAD, UMY to share knowledge to improve the quality of library services in schools. An excellent library can be a determinant of an advanced school. “The existence of the library must always be improved by following the era of the generation it serves,” added the chairman of MPI PWM DIY, Mr. Afan Kurniawan, MT. He also explained that libraries, especially in the Muhammadiyah environment, can be developed through networking, the use of ICT, and innovation. One of the concepts that can be done by university libraries in supporting the quality of school libraries is through this activity, said Mrs. Irkhamiyati, M.IP., as Head of UNISA Yogya Library as well as Chairperson of FPPTMA in her speech.

The opening speech was followed by the handover of grants from UNISA Yogyakarta Library to SD Muhammadiyah Mlangi Library. The grant was symbolically handed over by the Rector of UNISA Yogyakarta to the Head of SD Muhammadiyah Mlangi. The grant is in the form of bookshelves, printed books, barcode scanner, and a set of computers, and assistance until the functioning of library automation. As a series of activities, there were also promotional activities for UNISA Yogyakarta delivered by the Admissions Team as well as the socialization of ebook grants from Digido-Graha Ilmu.

A seminar on strengthening literacy for school libraries also enlivened the event. The seminar with speakers Abdul Wahid Aziz, S.I.Pust and Moderator Muh. Erdianyah. C.A., S.IP. discusses “The role of libraries and librarians in supporting the Merdeka Curriculum”. Libraries must be able to collaborate with school stakeholders (teachers and staff) and the curriculum in order to create innovation. The resource person, as well as the Head of the SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Yogyakarta Library, explained that the school curriculum will always develop, so the library must find a gap by innovating so that the library can still carry out its role. Some tips that libraries can do are by providing quality reading material, providing e-library facilities and strengthening literacy programs. The seminar was followed by a workshop on information technology-based library management. Participants learned about utilizing the SLiMS application for library automation. The material covered installation to practical use of the application. The speakers in this workshop were Mr. Sulistya Adhi Gunawan, A.Md. and Mrs. Sri Wahyuni, SIP. The latest SLiMS application that can be utilized is Bulian 9. This application has the advantage of being more attractive, easy to develop, and more flexible, said the speaker. The main obstacle in SLiMS installation is the lack of compatibility of devices or errors. The next material was about features and bibliographic input using SliMS by the second resource person. Automated library collections can be inputted on SLiMS to make it easier for users. Hopefully today’s seminars, grants and workshops can help school libraries improve the quality of their services.

UNISA Yogyakarta Students Compete at KMI Expo XIV 2023 in Bali

A total of three student teams from Universitas `Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta participated in the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo XIV 2023 held at Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja, Bali. The event took place from November 13 to 17, 2023 with the theme “Entrepreneurs in Distruption Era: Adaption, Innovation, and Collaboration.”

Yekti Satriyandari, S.ST, M.Kes, Head of Student Affairs and Alumni Bureau of UNISA Yogyakarta, stated that the participation of UNISA students in this event is part of the effort to develop creativity skills as young entrepreneurs.

“Students are expected to increase interaction, cooperation, and innovation in facing the increasingly complex era of disruption,”she said..

The teams representing UNISA Yogyakarta in KMI expo XIV are: Zona Design Indonesia Team, Mite Fashion Team, Paper Handcraft Team. The participation of these three teams is expected to bring the good name of UNISA Yogyakarta and show the potential and creativity of students in facing the challenges of entrepreneurship in the era of disruption. In addition, UNISA Yogyakarta hopes that students can collaborate with students from various other universities, opening up opportunities for a wider exchange of ideas and experiences.

LPPI Routine Studies 39th Series: Tracing History, Conflict, and Palestinian Solidarity

Yogyakarta, November 14, 2023 – Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pengamalan Islam (LPPI)held its 39th regular study series with a theme that is relevant to current conditions, “Palestine: History, Conflict, and Solidarity.” The event, which took place in the mosque of Siti Walidah building on the 3rd floor of UNISA Yogyakarta, was hosted by Iwan Setiawan, S.Pd.I., M.P.I., as a speaker to provide insights related to history, conflict, and solidarity with Palestine.

This routine study was attended by lecturers, employees, staff, and students. In the historical presentation, Iwan Setiawan, S.Pd.I., M.P.I., took the audience through the passage of time, showing the initial conditions before and after the November 7 aggression and mapping the crucial events in Palestinian history. The complex conflict in the region is carefully analyzed, exploring the roots of the problem and its evolving dynamics.

Iwan Setiawan, S.Pd.I., M.P.I., said that the conflict that occurred was not entirely due to religious conflict, but there were also political elements and territorial struggles. In addition, there was a video showing the destruction of buildings and the suffering felt by the people of Gaza.

The attendees of the routine study were actively involved in the question and answer session after the presentation of the material by the speaker, the question asked about the existence of two camps of society in addressing the issue of Palestine, some are pro to the struggle of the people of Gaza there are also those who are pro to Israel then how do we respond to someone who is pro to Palestine, “If you look at social media it has been divided, there are pro-palestine and anti-palestine, maybe we can convey something more persuasively” said Iwan Setiawan.

The 39th series of LPPI’s regular studies is expected to not only leave participants with new knowledge, but also instill a spirit of action. With increased awareness of the Palestinian issue, it is hoped that greater concrete action will emerge from the community to support peace and justice in the name of humanity.

Author: Rio Aditya Pratama

UNISA Yogyakarta’s Biotechnology Program Holds International Workshop with Ibaraki University

Program Studi Bioteknologi (PSBTK) of ‘Aisyiyah University (Unisa) Yogyakarta held a workshop with the theme Laboratory Management and How to Write-Up High Impact Journal Article. This activity was held in the Session Room of Siti Moendjiyah Building, 2nd Floor on Monday (6/11).

“To create a good research laboratory, it is necessary to condition the laboratory to always be fun for students. With a pleasant laboratory atmosphere, students will feel more at home in the laboratory,” explained Prof. Tatsuo Sato, head of the Center for International Field Agriculture Research and Education, Ibaraki University Japan when delivering his material. Prof. Sato added that when students are comfortable in conducting research, their productivity in producing publications will also increase. The next task is to oversee the writing of scientific journals so that the research conducted can be published.

“The agenda of this workshop is expected to be an illustration for us to develop a research laboratory. The existence of a research laboratory will certainly increase the productivity of our study program,” explained Arif Bimantara, head of the Biotechnology Study Program, Unisa Yogyakarta. In this workshop, students also increasingly understand the importance of discipline in carrying out activities in the laboratory. In addition, students also understand that good research is research that is completed and published. Participants in this workshop consisted of students and lecturers of PSBTK, lecturers of Medical Laboratory Technology Study Program and integrated laboratory staff of Unisa Yogyakarta. This workshop activity was followed by the participants enthusiastically from start to finish.

Community Service UNISA Yogyakarta: Prevention of Depression in Adolescents

Vice Rector II of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (UNISA) Yogyakarta, Dr. Yuli Isnaeni, S.Kp., M.Kep., Sp.Kom, held a community service activity at SMK Pelita Gedung Tataan Pesawaran Lampung on Saturday, November 11, 2023. This activity aims to provide understanding and support in efforts to prevent depression in adolescents.

The event, which was attended by 120 students from SMK Pelita, is part of UNISA Yogyakarta’s commitment to participate in community development, especially in the field of adolescent mental health. Dr. Yuli as a resource person delivered in-depth material about the factors that cause depression in adolescents, symptoms that need to be watched out for, and prevention strategies that can be applied in everyday life.

Yuli stated that it is important for all of us as community educators to understand and address adolescent mental health issues.

“Depression can affect learning achievement and overall well-being. Through this activity, we hope to provide the knowledge and support needed by teenagers,” Yuli said.

In addition to counseling, UNISA Yogyakarta also contributed to improving access to education for SMK Pelita students. Head of the Admissions Bureau of UNISA Yogyakarta Intan Mutiara Putri, S.ST., M.Keb told the students of SMK Pelita to continue their higher education at UNISA Yogyakarta. This scholarship program is expected to provide wider opportunities for the younger generation to develop their potential and achieve their goals. This activity creates a positive bond between UNISA Yogyakarta and the community in Pesawaran, Lampung. Through collaborative efforts like this, it is hoped that a sustainable positive impact can be created in supporting the welfare of the community, especially in terms of preventing depression in adolescents and increasing access to education.

Wedomartani Village Government and LPPI UNISA Hold Entrepreneurship Training for People with Disabilities

Wedomartani, November 3, 2023 – The Wedomartani Village Government, together with the Institute for the Study and Practice of Islam at Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, has conducted digital marketing training specifically for people with disabilities. The training aims to economically empower people with disabilities by equipping them with relevant skills in the digital era.

The training was initiated as part of an effort to enable more Wedomartani villagers, including those with various types of disabilities, to engage in the growing digital economy. The village government hopes that the training will help improve the quality of life of the participants and give them the opportunity to be independent.

Rio Aditya Pratama, UNISA LPPI Team said in his material, “Everyone has the same right to process even in conditions of limitation, by processing and continuing to learn anything we can do, in today’s digital era, we must be able and willing to be involved in following the times. In the past we had to carry merchandise to offer our products. Today we learn to use existing technology and take the opportunity to learn how our products can be sold using smartphones and access from home, namely with digital marketing.”

The digital marketing training will cover various topics, entrepreneurial insights, effective communication of digital businesses, including marketing content strategies. The program is expected to not only benefit the participants, but will also help drive local economic growth by opening doors for villagers to participate in the increasingly important digital economy. This is a positive step in supporting the inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities and driving the village economy.

With this training, Wedomartani Village demonstrates its commitment to creating an inclusive and empowered community. Hopefully, this will be the start of many similar initiatives that will continue to develop across the country to support people with disabilities and drive local economic growth.

Author: Rio Aditya Pratama

Aisyiyah Central Leadership Health Assembly Holds Climate Change Seminar

The Aisyiyah Central Leadership Health Assembly held a seminar on climate change, the role of women, and health to realize a resilient Indonesian society, at Aisyiyah University (UNISA) Yogyakarta, Saturday (11/11). The seminar aimed to look at the relationship between climate change, health aspects and the role of women in environmental adaptation. In addition, it also aims to understand more deeply the influence of climate change on physical, mental and other climate-sensitive health conditions both directly and indirectly and to understand the role of women in environmental adaptation due to climate change.

Rector of UNISA Yogyakarta and Chairperson of the Aisyiyah Central Leadership Health Assembly, Dr. Warsiti, S.Kp., M.Kep., Sp.Mat in her speech said that climate change is currently a humanitarian issue that has a major effect on human life and the environment. According to her, women and children are one of the most vulnerable groups to climate change that causes disasters. This is because the livelihood of women’s groups is very dependent on natural resources that are threatened by climate change, especially for those who live in rural areas. Unequal access to resources and decision-making processes, limited mobility put women in rural areas in a position where they are disproportionately affected by climate change. But it can also be experienced by women in other areas, including urban areas with their different risks.

Warsiti further emphasized that women have adequate capacity as effective agents of change in climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

”If empowered properly and build and manage their capacity, women will be able to have knowledge and skills that can be used in climate change mitigation, disaster risk reduction strategies and also adaptation. This is because women have responsibilities in the household/family and community, as stewards of natural resources and households”, said Warsiti.

According to him, handling the problem of climate change must be done together, through Aisyiyah, involving all stake holders and also including the young generation. Therefore, this seminar presented speakers from various circles, including the Muhammadiyah Aisyiyah Association, the Ministry of Health, academics, environmental practitioners and young activists.

This hybrid seminar was attended by 300 participants from various elements including leaders of assemblies and institutions in muhammadiyah/aisyiyah, aisyiyah and muhammadiyah business charities, academics, partnership institutions and international donor agencies, civil society organizations, climate change observers, the general public and students.

LPPI UNISA Yogyakarta Holds Regular Study on Islamic Social Behaviour in Campus Environment

Yogyakarta, October 24, 2023 – Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pengamakan Islam (LPPI) of UNISA Yogyakarta has held a routine study focusing on the theme “Islamic Moral Interactions in the Campus Environment.” This activity is part of LPPI UNISA Yogyakarta’s efforts to increase awareness and practice of Islamic morals among the entire academic community.

This routine study is a form of LPPI UNISA Yogyakarta’s commitment in carrying out its vision and mission as an Islamic university that supports the formation of Islamic moral character among the academic community. In this activity, the main speaker was Dwi Wahyuning Indah Fajarwati, S.H.I., LL.M. Chairperson of the University ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta dormitory.

Dwi Wahyuning Indah Fajarwati, gave her views on morals. “The position of morals in our religion, the first is the main mission of the message of Islam. The main message of Islam is morals. Secondly, morals are the main teaching of Islam and morals are also a reflection of one’s faith. How high our faith is is our morals.” said Dwi Wahyuning Indah Fajarwati, S.H.I., LL.M.

This study also discusses various aspects of Islamic moral association, such as ethical speech, mutual respect, helping others, and avoiding negative behavior. In addition, Dwi Wahyuning Indah Fajarwati provides examples and scenarios that are relevant to campus life, so that the study attendees can better understand and implement the principles of Islamic morals in their daily lives.

This routine study of Islamic moral association at UNISA Yogyakarta is expected to be the foundation for efforts to maintain a conducive and ethical campus environment, so that the entire academic community can grow and develop in accordance with the Islamic values embraced by the university.